Danos & Associates have participated in the Official Gala of the first Nicosia Space Week.

The event was organised by the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) and was attended by the Mayor of Nicosia Mr. Yiorkadjis, the Minister of Communications and Works Mr. Demetriades, the ambassadors of China, Russia, France, Portugal and Germany and a number of other notable guests. Danos & Associates is one of the sponsors of CSEO.

The event marks the start of the Nicosia Space Week which is being held for the first time and will be followed by a number of events including a visit by the well known Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Volkov. Danos & Associates congratulates the efforts of CSEO to put Cyprus on the map of countries involved with space exploration. Space exploration does not only improve our understanding of the Universe but also advances our knowledge of human capabilities and the future of technology. Cyprus can in direct and indirect ways also benefit financially from a notable presence in this field.

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