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Our firm is proud to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with Yijian law firm on the 22nd of June 2018. Yijian law firm is based in Tianjin, China.

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The creation of the Deputy Shipping Ministry marks a very important step towards the efforts of the country to strengthen its presence as a major maritime centre.

Подробнее: Cyprus establishes Deputy Ministry of Shipping →

Barbados, Mongolia, Panama, Tunisia, the Republic of Korea, Grenada, Macao SAR and the United Arab Emirates have all been removed from the list of the European Union in regards to jurisdictions  who are non-cooperative in relation to tax purposes.

Подробнее: Eight jurisdictions removed from EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes →

The Bank of Cyprus announced the establishment of a real estate fund which will be the first of its kind in Cyprus.

Подробнее: Bank of Cyprus to set up real estate fund →

Our firm participated on the 13th of October 2017 at the Russia-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum.

Подробнее: Danos & Associates participates in Russia-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum →

Standard & Poor`s rating agency affirmed on the 15th of September the rating of Cyprus economy  at BB + / B and revised the outlook on its long-term sovereign credit rating to positive from stable.

Подробнее: Standard and Poor's revises outlook of Cyprus's economy →

More good news for the real estate market in Cyprus.

Подробнее: Increase in number of real estate transactions in Cyprus →

According to figures from the Registrar of Companies the number of applications to incorporate new companies rose in July this year to the same level as in February 2013.

Подробнее: Increase of Registration of new Companies in Cyprus →

Our firm has recently participated in a business delegation to Lebanon.

Подробнее: Danos & Associates participates in Business Delegation to Lebanon →

Standard & Poors has raised Cyprus' long term credit grade from BB to BB+.

Подробнее: Standard & Poors raises Cyprus' credit →

The Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday 15 February 2017 the Cyprus Startup Visa scheme.

Подробнее: Cabinet approves Cyprus Startup Visa Scheme →

Moody's Credit Outlook issued on the 2nd of February 2017 is very positive and optimistic for Cypriot banks and Cypriot economy overall.

Подробнее: Moody's Positive Outlook for Cypriot Banks →

According to the Companies Registrar records, the number of new company registrations within 2016 has increased 20%.

Подробнее: Company Registrations in Cyprus on the rise →

The Bank of Cyprus has joined the London stock market on what is considered to be a major step in the bank's recovery efforts.

Подробнее: Bank of Cyprus moves its shares to London stock market →

According to the Value Added Tax Laws of 2000-2015 buyers of residential property could obtain a reduction to VAT and pay a reduced rate of 5%.

Подробнее: Amendments to VAT Law →


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