constitutional administrative law

The firm has extensive experience in managing the process of challenging decisions of public authorities and bodies. We represent clients before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus in Applications for Annulment relating to a diverse range of acts, decisions and omissions of various administrative authorities.

In Cyprus the sources of Administrative Law are:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus
  • The Laws enacted by the House of Representatives
  • The principles of Common Law
  • The ‘Law of the General Principles of Administrative Law 1999’
  • Administrative Regulatory Acts
  • European Union Law

The Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction to decide for every recourse which is filed against a decision, act or omission of any organ, authority or person exercising an administrative or executive function. The recourse or ‘application for annulment’ has to be filed to the Supreme Court within 75 days from the date when the decision or act or omission was published or when not published, from the time it came to the knowledge of the person filing the application for annulment. The Supreme Court after trying a recourse may:

  • Ratify in whole or in part the act or omission challenged
  • Annul in whole or in part the act or decision challenged
  • Declare the omission in whole or in part void

Danos & Associates has the skills, knowledge and experience to handle any type of recourse and manage the entire process from the very beginning until the final decision of the Supreme Court and any possible appeal after that. Our firm has successfully challenged decisions and acts of several bodies and authorities and has even set precedent in certain areas of administrative law.