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Our Cyprus law firm has successfully dealt with numerous immigration law cases. Our clients include high net worth individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals that intend to legally reside and work or study in Cyprus.

We always seek to offer comprehensive and cost-effective advice and guidance that is tailored towards our clients’ special circumstances whether they are individuals or companies. Ensuring that our clients and their family members will be able to enjoy the rights they are eligible for is a priority of our dedicated team.

Moreover, we combine our expertise in immigration matters with our extensive knowledge on real estate law, taxation, and banking in order to promote our clients’ best interests, including securing flexibility in conducting their business activities internationally.

Cyprus Citizenship

Cypriot citizenship can be currently obtained through three ways:

– Marriage with a Cypriot citizen
– By Descent
– Due to the years of residence, otherwise known as naturalisation process.

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permanent residency cyprus

Permanent Residence Permit
Through Investment

This application is considered as the ‘fast-track’ procedure that enables third-country nationals to obtain permanent residence permit in Cyprus. The main requirement is an investment of total minimum worth of Euros 300,000.

The investment options include investment in residential property or other type of real property, investment in the share capital of a Cyprus company, and investment in units of a Cyprus Collective Investment Organization. Family members of the applicant, including the spouse, children, and adult children under certain conditions are also eligible to apply for the residence permit.

Temporary Residence Permit for Third Country Nationals "Pink slip"

This type of residence permit enables third-country nationals to extend their residence in Cyprus no matter how long their visa was initially issued for. The application for pink slip is submitted after the arrival of the applicant in Cyprus and before the expiration of their visa.

The residence permit is renewable on an annual basis by submitting a new form before the expiration of the acquired residence card.

Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus

Temporary and/or Permanent Residence Permit for third country nationals that are family members of an EU Citizen, "Yellow Slip"

Family members of EU citizens are eligible to apply for a residence permit and enjoy significant rights including access to work and registering with GESY. The family member of the EU citizen can apply for a temporary residence, often referred to as ‘yellow slip’, that is valid for 5 years and can be renewed.

After five years of uninterrupted residence in Cyprus, the family member of the EU citizen can apply for permanent residence permit. It is clarified that even though the residence permit is considered permanent upon success of the relevant application, the residence card itself is valid for the period of ten years and needs to be renewed before expiration.

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