global corporate services

Our law firm doesn’t just offer Cyprus corporate services but can also assist clients setting up a company in several other highly desirable locations. Currently we offer corporate services in the following jurisdictions: British Virgin Islands, Dubai, United Kingdom, China and Greece. These different jurisdictions provide different and distinct advantages and depending on the business plan of each individual client.

▪ Hong Kong: The leading South East Asia financial centre and one of the most popular jurisdictions for registering companies. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and a highly reputable, strong and stable commercial centre. Hong Kong has a very efficient banking system and incorporation of a company is a simple and straightforward procedure.

Hong Kong has no capital gains tax. Further, there is no withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalty. Furthermore, foreign dividends are not subject to income tax in Hong Kong. Maintenance costs for a Hong Kong company are low and so is the cost of incorporation.

▪ British Virgin Islands: Located in the Caribbean, this British overseas territory is a major offshore centre. Registering a BVI Company is a simple and straightforward process. BVI uses US dollars as local currency and has a solid professional infrastructure. Costs are low for both setting up and maintaining a BVI company. Corporate tax is zero and there are no capital gain, wealth or estate taxes for offshore companies.

Dubai: United Arab Emirates is a leading destination for setting up a business and increasingly popular. There is no income or capital gains tax except for oil and local banks. There are no foreign exchange controls or quotas.

Setting up a company in Dubai requires reviewing carefully the various options and deciding on the basis of individual needs and line of business. There are around 40 free zones in Dubai. Different business models include a representative office, a branch or a new company.

China: As the second biggest economy in the world and a huge market, China is attracting a growing number of foreign investors who want access to the Chinese market. Given the language barrier and complicated regulations setting up a company in China requires caution, commitment and a basic understanding of Chinese culture. Nonetheless, opportunities can be enormous and the second biggest economy in the world cannot be ignored. Our firm is affiliated to one of the largest law firms in China and can offer the support and advice needed to those wishing to enter the Chinese market.

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom offers several advantages for those who wish to set up a business there. It is one of the largest economies in the world and London one of the biggest financial centres in the world. English is of course the international language and the common law legal system highly regarded throughout the world.

The UK offers a business and investor friendly environment. Setting up a company in the UK is simple, very quick and straightforward.