Our Cyprus lawyers offer full services in relation to all aspects of Cyprus family law. Our firm is highly experienced in all matters relating to family/matrimonial law. Going through a divorce or facing matrimonial disputes can be a very difficult time and an experienced lawyer can provide the legal support and advice required.

We encourage communication between the two parties and we feel that confrontation and Court action should be avoided when possible. Our priority is the needs of the whole family, especially when children are involved.

Family Courts in Cyprus issue a variety of orders relating to divorce for both civil and religious marriages. Cyprus is a very popular destination for civil marriages given the simplicity of the process and considering religious or other obstacles in certain neighbouring countries.

The firm has extensive experience in the following areas of family law:

  • Pre-marital advice
  • Advice and managing the Court process relating to divorce
  • Handling the Court process relating to spouse and/or child support
  • Managing custody and children visitation matters
  • Property and other financial disputes arising from a divorce
  • Obtaining and enforcing protective measures for domestic violence
  • Adoption process
  • Guardianship matters
  • Paternity recognition