Global Corporate Services

Danos & Associates offers company incorporation services not just in Cyprus but also in several other highly desirable locations. Currently we offer corporate services in the following jurisdictions:

▪ Hong Kong: The leading South East Asia financial centre and one of the most popular jurisdictions for registering companies. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and a highly reputable, strong and stable commercial centre. Hong Kong Offshore Companies pay 16% tax on profits generated in Hong Kong and no tax on profits derived outside of Hong Kong.

▪ British Virgin Islands: Located in the Caribbean, this British overseas territory is a major offshore centre. Registering a BVI Company takes only around 2 days and it’s a simple and straightforward process. A BVI Company does not have to file annual returns or financial statements to the BVI authorities.

▪ Belize: This small country on the eastern coast of Central American is a highly popular offshore centre. Registration of a company only takes 2-3 days. According to Belize law, all offshore companies are exempted from all taxes and stamp duties. A Belize offshore company is not required by law to file financial statements or annual returns to the authorities of the country.

▪ Seychelles: Seychelles is the smallest state in Africa with a population of only around 85,000. As in the case of BVI and Belize, company registration only takes 2-3 days and an offshore company has no obligation to file to the authorities any financial statements or annual returns. Seychelles International Business Companies do not pay any tax on profits generated outside the country.

▪ Panama: The republic of Panama is located in Central America and has a population of around 2.5 million. The country is one of the most well known and successful offshore jurisdictions in the world. Panama Offshore Companies pay no tax on profits generated outside the country. There is no requirement by law for such a company to file any financial statements and/or annual returns.

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