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A. Danos & Associates LLC is one of the most highly regarded Law firm in Cyprus drawing on over 45 years of experience. Our firm is based in Cyprus, and we have affiliated offices in China, Russia, Ukraine and Greece. Our multi-award winning firm consists of Cyprus lawyers qualified in England. We provide legal services of the highest quality in most areas of law, including Cyprus Company Registration and Management, Shipping, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Immigration Law and Debt Collection.

Our law firm is dedicated to our clients’ best interests, and we strive to provide our services in the most time and cost-efficient ways. We are proud of our strong ethics and the technical excellence of our lawyers and staff. Our diverse staff can speak Greek, English, Chinese, Russian, Italian and French.

We endeavour to build and maintain long-standing relations with our clients. We always apply the same high standards of quality of services whether our client is an individual or a large organization. High profile individuals and corporations have trusted us to advise them in regard to multi-Million Court cases and investments.

Our Law firm also assists in legal matters professionals, entrepreneurs, property businesses and the individuals that own them regarding their legal concerns. Moreover, when feasible, we strive to settle cases out of Court and without the need of lengthy and expensive Court proceedings.

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Cyprus Lawyers

Our Law firm, through our expansive network of connections and associates throughout the world is able to offer company registration and other corporate services in several leading offshore centers.



Our multi-award winning firm consists of Cypriot lawyers and lawyers qualified in England.


Our firm has advised foreign banks and international corporations in regard to multi-Million Court cases and investments


Highly regarded Cyprus law firms drawing on over 45 years of experience.


We are proud of our strong ethics and the technical excellence of our lawyers and staff.

Practice Areas

Our international clientele includes individuals, large and small corporations from countries throughout the world.


Offering advice in relation to succession matters and managing the administration of the estates of deceased persons. We handle the process of obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration and any other steps required.


Cyprus is a major offshore and onshore business centre, with a prosperous economy, excellent business facilities and thousands of offshore companies are registered here.


A personal injury can happen at work, in a traffic accident, because of a faulty product or a faulty repair, because of mistakes during medical treatment, or because.


Further, we provide advice on all areas of renting and developing property in Cyprus. Our law firm provides all services relating to reviewing, drafting, amending and negotiating sales agreements.


Danos & Associates offers debt collection services to an expanding network of clients from Cyprus and around the world. Our team manages the debt collection process for local and foreign.


Danos & Associates offers advice and deals with all matters relating to Immigration Law. We have experience in the following matters: Applications for permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do lawyers charge in Cyprus?

Law firms in Cyprus generally charge either fixed fees or on an hourly basis. There also other types of fee arrangements. Our law firm often charges a fixed fee for straightforward work where we can roughly estimate the time that will be spent on the case. 

For example, we generally charge fixed fees for drafting a will or for real estate transactions. For more complex cases where we cannot predict the workload or length of the case we tend to charge on an hourly basis.

2. I am looking for a ‘no win, no fee’ lawyer. Do you take cases with such a fee arrangement?

We do offer this fee arrangement for personal injury cases when we are convinced that there is a very strong case, so we would be able to recover our fees from the defendants and/or their insurance companies.

3. How long do Court cases take to be tried in Cyprus?

Civil cases generally take around 5-7 years until completion. However, recently introduced civil procedure rules and the hiring of more judges means that the process is expected to speed up.

4. How long do I have to submit the lawsuit?

The general limitation period for most civil actions is 6 years. However, there are several exceptions depending on the nature of the claim. For example, time limitation for personal injury cases is 3 years.

5. Do I have to go to Court?

That really depends on the case. Some cases are settled before they go to a trial. For example, personal injury cases are often settled out of Court and even if Court proceedings are required, such cases are often settled before the trial. On the other hand, criminal cases generally require attendance in Court.




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