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Agreement for the Development of Property within the British Bases

A historical agreement was signed on January 15 in London by the Foreign Minister of Cyprus Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides and the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom Mr. William Hague. The agreement will allow the Cypriot Government to grant authorizations for the development of private properties within the British bases on Cyprus. Prior consent from the Authorities of the British bases will be required.

Negotiations began in early October 2013 and included ten meetings of the negotiating teams of each country. Until now the Cypriot owners of property in the boundaries of the British bases were unable to develop their properties. Under the provisions of this agreement the Cypriots who reside within the British bases will now enjoy a planning regime similar to the rest of the Cypriots.  

This is a very significant development and an important achievement for the government of Cyprus. This is expected to have a highly positive financial influence to the 3 municipalities and 16 communities of this area. Property owners within the British bases will be able to develop their land in six months time. Around 78% of the territory of the area of the British bases falls within the provisions of this agreement.

This positive development will facilitate the financial growth of the area within the British bases and will hopefully improve the living standard of the local communities. In a difficult time for Cyprus, this agreement will contribute to the overall financial recovery of Cyprus. Moreover, it confirms the position of Cyprus that the British bases are being used solely for military purposes.

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